Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (1995)


Jimmy The Saint is an ex-criminal who is dragged back into the life by wheelchair bound Christopher Walken, but when the job goes awry he and his crew become the target of a contract killer.

One of the many, many attempts to jump on the Quentin Tarantino bandwagon from the mid nineties, Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead is one of the better copycats. Andy Garcia is maybe a little too smooth and suave to play a killer, but it has enough quirky characters and offbeat violence to entertain. The cast is excellent, particularly Christopher Lloyd as his leperous sidekick, Steve Buscemi as a nerdy hit man and especially Treat Williams as his psychotic muscle. The main problem is that it tries to keep one foot in the mainstream, with overly slick direction from hack Gary Fleder, a pointless love interest and contrived tacked on upbeat ending.

However it certainly does have its moments because of the superior supporting cast, and its worth it for Treat Williams’ performance alone. “I AM GODZILLA!! YOU ARE JAPAN!!!!”.



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