Thank You For Smoking (2006)


This extremely clever and insightful satire of today’s climate of political spin is incredibly sharply written and has lots of laugh out loud moments as it deconstructs the methods used by PR men in the 21st century.

Even the “good guys” do not emerge unscathed as they are shown to use exactly the same tactics, as shown in the hilarious scene when William H. Macy bemoans the quality of his TV “cancer kid”! It may not have the flash and bangs of Lord Of War, but it has far more depth; in fact it reminded me more of an updated version of American Psycho. Instead of the hands on greed of the 1980’s satirised in the adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ iconic novel, it shows how the immoral of today’s society earn their corporate cash through hypocrisy and double talk rather than getting their hands dirty. I couldn’t help the feeling that Jason Reitman was rather more interested in making a political point than dramatic momentum and the plot lacks focus as a result, but the cast are all superb and are complimented perfectly by the use of witty and stylish visual and voice over cues that are rather reminiscent of Fight Club.

Very funny, very clever.



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