A Tale Of Two Sisters (2004)


Two sisters return to their home, continuing a feud with their step mother and living in fear of a presence in the house that stalks them during the night.

Very much in the J horror tradition of The Ring and especially The Grudge, A Tale Of Two Sisters’ influences are obvious but its recipe of psychological horror blended with creepy, supernatural imagery disguises a plot that is a cut above the usual mainstream horror fare. Using skilled misdirection, the story continues to surprise as you are never quite sure if the “ghost” is real or just a delusion, or quite who is the predator and who is the prey. Because of this, the narrative momentum and twist in the tale are much stronger in this film than most modern horror s and the stylish visuals mean it is always a pleasure at which to look.

Hardly original, but thanks to skilled direction it’s one of those stories that succeeds in making you jump even when you know what’s coming.



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