Superman Returns (2006)


Lois Lane in peril! Oh, no…but wait! Superman appears at the last minute and saves her! He then busies himself by blowing out fires with his super-breath and flying around catching falling debris and foiling bank robberies. But wait! The dastardly Lex Luther finds kryptonite and defeats him! Will he return to save the day…?

Any of this sound familiar? The Superman franchise has been so ubiquitous since the original films that everything has been done. There is not one original idea on display here – even the one interesting plot twist is telegraphed a few minutes before it actually happens. The cast are bland and characterless – Brandon Routh seems to be doing a halfhearted impersonation of Christopher Reeve during the entire film – and Kevin Spacey lacks the larger than life charisma that Gene Hackman brought to the role. And it’s far too long.

Superman: The Movie may not be perfect and certainly showing its age, but at least it isn’t boring.



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