Sunshine (2007)


The crew of a space ship is dispatched to deploy a nuclear device in the attempt to restart our dying sun.

The concept is a kind of grown up – well, young adult – version of Armageddon, for the first hour it has a striking resemblance to 2010 and for the final third it shifts gear and becomes a space bound slasher flick in a similar vein to Event Horizon. The cast is certainly above par for this kind of hokey sci-fi, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d walked in half way through; there is little in the way of build up and the script spends much of its time manufacturing drama with races against time giving the audience little time to get to know the characters. This makes it very difficult to care when they make their inevitable and noble self-sacrifices. It has some very pretty imagery, but Boyle’s insistence on using almost constant visual distortions towards the end began to wear on my nerves, and Underworld’s score is dated and intrusive.

Sunshine is unusual and well enough made to maintain interest for its duration, but its flaws combined with some serious lapses in logic in the plot – particularly for the rather nonsensical ending – make it more of a rental pick than a purchase.



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