Storm Riders (1998)


Based on a comic book, this is yet another story of an evil martial artist who want to take over the”world of martial arts” by following a prophecy and collecting some swords with ridiculous names.

I watched Seven Swords recently and found it very disappointing and facile but compared to The Storm Riders, it’s King Lear. Everything about this film is so unbelievably naive it almost beggars belief; the plot is like something from a bad video game. So are the effects for that matter; all that is on offer is a bunch of terrible actors flying around on wires in front of probably the worst CGI I have ever seen in a feature length movie. The title sequence looks like something out of the intro screen to a Playstation One game. Literally. All of the characters are absurd stereotypes, especially Sonny Chiba’s cackling villain who is straight out of an end of the pier pantomime, the sets are awful, the plot an endless stream of melodramatic cliches that rarely rises above the standard of a children’s cartoon and the amateurish direction means that even the action is a complete mess.

I’m a big fan of samurai films, but this is easily the worst example of the genre that I’ve ever seen. Absolutely dismal in every department.



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