Stealth (2005)


A hi tec, computer controlled fighter plane goes haywire and decides to take matters into its own hands and bomb Russia without orders.

The Fast And The Furious director Rob Cohen’s formula of frenetic action and laughably bad script writing takes to the air in this CGI infested update of Top Gun. An aeronautical version of KITT from Knight Rider malfunctions and then stops malfunctioning for no particular reason in order to team up with some pretty people and find an excuse to to blow the crap out of unknown, faceless “terrorists” and North Koreans for reasons that are far from obvious. The characters are the usual collection of Gung Ho cartoons, with Jamie Foxx seemingly standing in for Cuba Gooding Jr as a particularly painful black stereotype and the plot is a load of comic strip nonsense that’s no more than an excuse for a series of shaky cammed firework displays.

Having said all that, like The Fast And The Furious it’s mildly entertaining in an utterly brainless kind of way and if you’re in a alcohol induced semi-vegetative state as I was, it passes the time.



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