Starship Troopers (1997)


A group of friends join up to fight for the Federation against an alien insect race.

Starship Troopers is classic comedy. Unfortunately, the sly wit Paul Verhoeven employs in this veiled parody of US militarism passed by unnoticed to the majority and it is pretty obvious that even the catalogue model cast weren’t let in on the joke; they earnestly go through all the cliches of college love triangle, military boot camp – hilariously overseen by Clancy “MEDIC!” Brown – and on to B-Movie style interplanetary war with completely straight faces. Which only serves to make it even funnier! The constant gore is laid on so thick that by the end it’s just Itchy & Scratchy silly – my personal favourites are the flying bug decapitations – and by the end you’re feeling sorry for the bugs suffering at the hands of a Gestapo trench coat-clad Doogie Howser.

This film is essentially a subversive dig at the Hollywood blockbuster that still makes me laugh every I time I see it and a glorious celebration of stupidity that’s nowhere near as dumb as it looks.



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