Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983)


What were the rebel alliance thinking? To any military strategist with half a brain, the obvious way to defeat the Empire’s finest shock storm troopers is to deploy a tribe of furry midgets armed with sticks…it’s so simple when you think about it!

Well, we all know what went wrong with this one and it’s no doubt where the rot began to set in. Even more annoyingly, the original concept was to have a tribe of tree-dwelling Wookiees cracking storm trooper skulls! Despite the obvious drawback of those fuzzy irritations Return Of The Jedi is still true Star Wars, with the characters we love in their last ditch battle against the Empire. The attack on the Death Star is as thrilling as it is beautifully choreographed and Luke’s final showdown with Vader was everything we hoped for. The DVD update contains more unnecessary CGI, including a musical number in Jabba’s palace that’s straight out of The Muppet Show – even the Sarlacc has been turned into Audrey II from The Little Shop Of Horrors, a pan-pipe debacle that’s even more embarrassing than the original final Ewok song and Hayden Christian’s face cut and pasted over Anakin’s at the finale. Again, stick to the theatrical version.

Return Of The Jedi is clearly the weakest of the originals, but still infinitely better than any of the prequels.



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