Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)


This film is is my first movie love and no matter how many times I see it – surely at least a dozen by now – I am still transformed into an eight year old boy for its entire duration.

Star Wars is a magical roller coaster ride of fun and excitement, populated with charming characters you actually care about, who have believable relationships in a fairy tale universe of good and evil. Star Wars is not a bloated, computer generated toy commercial. The “updated” version actually points to where the prequels were going to go so horribly wrong; the added CGI is distracting and unnecessary and George Lucas managed to neuter Han Solo nearly as soon as he appears by making a couple of amendments that completely miss the point of his character and appeal. Adding insult to injury, he turned a menacing and ruthless underworld figure into a cartoon Muppet who does nothing but repeat the lines of one of his minions from the previous scene.

There is only one true version of the original Star Wars and that is the theatrical version; it is a modern fairy tale with a universal appeal of which modern Hollywood can only dream.



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