Star Trek (2009)


The classic 1960’s TV series gets a big budget reboot and sees the original crew of the star ship Enterprise come together for the first time.

I was actually looking forward to this film as I grew up with William Shatner and co on afternoon TV and thought that the time was right. On first viewing, the approach failed to live up to my personal expectations; the first half is a constant stream of in jokes and references to the original series that just felt like an hour long fan-wank and the comedy seemed far too broad, giving it the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon or The Munsters in space. After giving it a second chance however, my initial hostility softened somewhat. The spectacular opening sequence “feels” like true Star Trek and J. J. Abrams’ breathless pacing and some flashy production design means that it’s impossible to get bored. Zachary Quinto also makes a fine Spock and provides all of the best moments, Karl Urban makes a surprisingly good McCoy but I still felt that the cast of characters needed to be a little more consistent – Chekov and Simon Pegg’s painfully unfunny sidekick being the low points – and the humour more restrained.

As it stands, Star Trek is quite an entertaining popcorn sci-fi action movie that sets the scene for a reinvigorated franchise with some potential.



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