Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)


The crew of the Enterprise rebel against the Federation when they discover a conspiracy to forcibly relocate an idyllic community in order to exploit their planet’s unique natural resource.

Following the winning formula of First Contact, the franchise once more gets a little too comfortable with itself and offers a very generic sci-fi tale of good v.s evil set firmly within the confines of the TV series universe. The premise of the plot is very interesting as the previously establishment-orientated characters become revolutionaries and battle against the system they saw as sacrosanct, but the family friendly script lacks teeth and it soon degenerates into the usual computer generated spaceship battles and running around with laser guns.

Insurrection is certainly not a bad film; it just lacks the inspiration of the best examples and those who aren’t fans of the series will find little reason to care. In the final analysis, Insurrection feels exactly like what it is: a solid if unimaginative feature length episode of the series.



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