Star Trek: Generations (1994)


An alien scientist obsessed with returning to a temporal nexus threatens the destruction of an entire planetary system leading Captain Picard to enlist the help of a previous captain of the Enterprise, Captain Kirk.

The most obvious difference between The Next Generation’s first big screen outing and the earlier films is a certain sense of professionalism; although it is still hokey sci-fi, the script is – the embarrassing subplot concerning Data’s emotion chip aside – rather more adult the performances have more dramatic gravitas and the effects and action sequences more polished and exciting. The contrived excuse for Kirk appearing rather anachronistically in the Next Generation universe stretches credulity to breaking point and the whole nexus sequence drags the pacing down to a snail’s pace, but otherwise Generations injected a refreshing new energy into the flagging franchise.

Hardly a game changer, but still a reasonably entertaining sci-fi pot boiler with plenty of fan pleasing moments.



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