Star Trek: First Contact (1996)


The greatest nemesis of the federation, the Borg attempt to assimilate Earth in this enjoyable addition to the Star Trek franchise.

There are some great effects and director Jonathan Frakes had clearly done his homework; the space battle is spectacular – if a little brief – and he cleverly chose to transform the sterile, neon-lit corridors of the Enterprise into the kind of gloomy, atmospheric locations that would not look out of place on the Nostromo. The Borg are rightful favourites from the series, a seriously creepy race of “bionic zombies” who can assimilate their enemies through touch and render their weapons useless. It’s also nice how the characters are given shades of grey, notably Picard’s almost pathological hatred of them and Data’s “seduction” at the hands of the coldly fascistic Borg queen. It does have it’s weak points; while all the best characters are battling robotic corpses through darkened corridors, the less interesting ones are all planet-side indulging in some rather feeble comic relief. These sequences are brief enough to avoid ruining the story however and James Cromwell is good fun as the boozy astronaut who bears little resemblance to the legendary figure the crew were all expecting.

As a whole First Contact cracks along at a fair old pace and with some knowingly self-referential lines and Trekkie-friendly cameos thrown in, it’s an action-packed and fun  slice of family entertainment.



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