Steve Jobs (2015)


Charting the fall and rise of the computer industry maverick behind Apple’s groundbreaking and ubiquitous products, Steve Jobs is a warts and all portrait of the man.

For the opening act, writer Aaron Sorkin does not pull his punches showing Jobs as an obsessive, controlling douche bag with little thought to others; including his own 5 year old daughter. The film’s attitude softens over its length however, portraying him as part flawed genius, part Machiavellian businessman and even hints that he may be on “the spectrum”.

I’m not overly familiar with the context of the story, having never owned nor indeed had much interest in Apple and their products, but Sorkin’s sparkling dialogue combined with some well observed characterisation and strong performances from its leads make for an interesting zeitgeist-driven soap opera that’s not quite as brutal in its depiction as its reputation suggests.



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