Spider-Man 2 (2004)


Peter Parker begins to find the life of a super hero a rather thankless task and increasingly stressed by his inability to balance work, school and fighting crime he decides to quit being Spiderman. Unfortunately he does not count on a disastrous scientific experiment that turns an altruistic genius into a mechanically enhanced megalomaniac.

Spider-man 2 builds on a fine original and delivers all it promised and more. The action sequences are brilliantly handled and even more importantly, it intelligently fleshes out the characters with humour and depth. The way Peter has to confront the pros and cons of superherodom is cleverly done and it injects even more witty humour; in particular the scenes when Peter accidentally dyes his smalls with his spider suit and having to take a lift when his powers fail him. It’s both funny and exciting which is everything a superhero film should be and once more I felt sorry for anyone having to share a scene with the brilliant J. K. Simmons.

As such, Spider-Man 2 still holds up as one of the best superhero movies out there.



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