Spectre (2015)


Following the receipt of a secret communique, Bond takes it upon himself to ignore orders and follow the trail of a shadowy organisation that seems to have disturbing links to his own past tragedies.

Sam Mendes once more takes us on a tour of the history of 007, this time reintroducing one of his arch villains. The final outing for Daniel Craig is once again a very measured, mature and intelligent thriller with plenty of action sequences that are spectacular without the absurdity that has marred Bond films before the current renaissance. It has strong themes such as the undermining of law and social justice by immoral corporations, the dangers of mass surveillance and the inherent amorality of drone technology. Craig is also once again superb in the role but ironically, considering the plot concerns Bond’s nemesis, the thing it lacks is a truly strong and charismatic villain. Christoph Waltz is fine but rarely seen and a rather cold and detached character, and his henchmen are a wordless thug and a glorified office manager.

This makes Spectre seem a lot more generic than both Casino Royale and Skyfall but having said that, it is as composed, deliberate, stylish and self-assured as Craig’s Bond himself.



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