Some Like It Hot (1959)


A pair of musicians witness a mob execution and so go into hiding disguised as women as part of an all-girl band in Florida.

Billy Wilder made his name making a variety of black-earted satires and Film Noirs, but here we find him at his least cynical. It’s one of those films “they just don’t make any more” as the brilliant double act of womanising cad Tony Curtis and sidekick Jack Lemmon see how the other half live. Their bickering and banter obviously owes a lot to Hope and Crosby and the gender swap is done with real subtlety and sophistication making for a host of hilarious one-liners that come so thick and fast it’s easy to miss some of them the first time around. Marilyn Monroe was never more appealingly vulnerable, Lemmon demonstrates his mastery of comic timing and Curtis spends much of the film doing a hilarious Cary Grant impersonation as he learns to be a better man without the usual Hollywood schmaltz and manipulation.

The blend of slapstick and witty dialogue is judged to perfection making Some Like It Hot one of those timeless classics that all film fans should see.


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