Snatch (2000)


Cockney boxing promoter Jason Statham finds himself indebted to a ruthless gangster and has to provide bare knuckle boxer Brad Pitt in recompense.

Guy Ritchie’s difficult second movie lives up to the potential of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels but at the same time, it’s hardly a massive departure. It provides the same mix of laughs and Cockney gangster hi-jinx, but it doesn’t rely so heavily on cheap laughs and Brad Pitt is fantastic as the “pikey” who’s as indestructible as he is incomprehensible. Jason Statham also does what he does best and pretty much the entire supporting cast are in their element; Hell, as inconceivable as it sounds, even Vinnie Jones is good in this! It may not have the glitz and glamour of the Ocean’s franchise and subtle it most certainly is not, but it’s also hugely entertaining as the laughs flow constantly and it’s got a great one-two punch of an ending.

A worthy addition to the British tradition of the comedy caper movie.



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