Sin City (2005)


Three stories from the corrupt underbelly of Basin City intertwine, involving an ageing cop trying to protect a young girl from a child rapist and killer, an psychotic ex-con revenging himself upon those who framed him for the death of a hooker and a killer in the middle of a turf war between the mob and a heavily armed red light district after the girls accidentally kill a corrupt cop.

Containing all the trademark Film Noir elements of Frank Miller, Sin City is cinema aping comic books aping cinema and it works brilliantly. Rodriguez was the perfect man for the job and his brilliantly dynamic and stylised visuals combined with a frame-by-frame recreation of the original graphic novel does something no other comic book movie has done before; literally brought the source material to life. Using brilliantly crisp black and white photography splashed with vibrant primary colours and inventive CGI that actually plays a relevant part in the action, Sin City is surely the best looking movie made so far. Populated with super cool characters played by super cool actors spouting super cool hard-boiled dialogue, this film is…well, you get the idea. It may not be to everyone’s taste as some of the violence is a little gruesome and it is can be accused of a case of style over substance, but what style it is.

A nigh on perfect slice of pop culture zeitgeist.



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