Silent Hill (2006)


A young girl seems to be traumatised by a childhood experience in a supposedly haunted town called Silent Hill, so her adopted mother takes her there to discover the reason for her horrific nightmares.

Silent Hill is based on a popular “survival horror” video game which was in a similar vein to Resident Evil. The film is actually extremely faithful to the game, containing the same characters, plot elements and locations and recreates the gruesomely deformed creatures that inhabit it rather well. Ironically, the cinematic version is a little too faithful. A video game plot is merely an excuse to introduce you into the action and create atmosphere; otherwise it’s all pretty irrelevant. A film needs characterisation, narrative progression and logic to create drama; watching a woman explore darkened corridors, run away from monsters and follow a series of randomly littered clues is no substitute for narrative storytelling.

The result is just like watching someone else play an admittedly fancy looking video game, which is not exactly hugely entertaining. If you need a fix of survival horror, I would sincerely suggest playing the game instead.


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