Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)


Clive Owen is minding his own business when a pregnant woman stumbles by pursued by gun-toting villains. Feeling obliged to help, he ends up the target of an army of black-clad bad guys, complete with newborn baby and hooker with a heart in tow.

If Raising Arizona had been written by Jackie Chan and directed by John Woo, this film would probably have been the result. Shoot ‘Em Up does exactly what is says on the tin; it’s really nothing more than a collection of nicely choreographed set-pieces and painful one liners. It’s the kind of film where if one single part of it had been misjudged the whole thing would’ve fallen apart, but it’s just the right side of tongue in cheek and never takes itself too seriously. I would have liked to have seen at least some attempt at a plot, Monica Bellucci is strangely unsexy considering her not inconsiderable charm and some of the one liners are Carry On film standard.

Despite this, Shoot ‘Em Up is a flimsy bit of fun that at 80 minutes doesn’t outstay its welcome.



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