The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw (1959)


Kenneth More does his affable eccentric Englishman abroad routine as a gunsmith who is inevitably mistaken for a gunslinger during a range war.

If film comedy were to be believed, there wasn’t a real sheriff to be found in the whole of the west; Wyatt Earp probably really did pet shampoos. This is purely by the numbers stuff, as More woos Jayne Mansfield while inadvertently foiling the stereotypical cowpokes in what is essentially a Carry On film without the innuendo – in fact Sid James even puts in an appearance as the town drunk. The only real surprise is that Mansfield became such a star; her uninspired musical interludes were dubbed by Connie Francis and she sure as Hell couldn’t act.

An uninspiring comedy routine that Bob Hope and Jane Russell did a whole lot better a decadeĀ earlier in The Paleface films.



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