Sharknado (2013)


Freak weather conditions cause man-eating sharks to be washed inland in huge numbers.

I have to give props to whoever thought of the name “Sharknado”, but the ridiculous title is easily the best aspect of the film. Beyond the amusingly daft premise, Sharknado is nothing more than an inept, straight to DVD disaster flick that plays out like a cross between Jaws 3D and a particularly banal episode of Baywatch. Plotting is minimal, the performances weak even by monster B-movie standards and dialogue absolutely laughable. But by far the biggest flaw in Sharknado is that it actually has the gall to take itself seriously; it’s not played for laughs at all and once you get past some hilariously awful special effects, it gets more and more dull as it goes. I’m all for trashy B-movie monster mashes in principal, but Sharknado is just plain boring.
Ps Here are some ideas for some potentially superior spin offs to Sharknado: Shih Tzunami, Snakequake, Weevilcano, Llamageddon, Giraffalanche, Piranhanami & my personal fave: Pythoon.


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