Shallow Grave (1995)


Three friends sublet a room to a stranger but when he drops dead leaving behind a suitcase full of cash, they decide to keep it with disastrous consequences for all concerned.

Danny Boyle’s first film was soon eclipsed by his follow up Trainspotting, but Shallow Grave is certainly worth a second look. The format is kind of like watching Ross, Chandler and Monica dismembering a corpse and the breezy opening belies the grim psychology that takes over once they start to unravel. It’s a morality tale about the cost of greed and shares themes with classic The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre as the relationship between the three friends disintegrates once money enters the equation.

It’s quite amusing how dated Shallow Grave looks now and the character development is not totally convincing, but solid performances and a nice twist in the tale makes it a cut above the average thriller.



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