Severance (2007)


A group of office workers on a team building exercise in the Hungarian woods is stalked by a band of militaristic psychopaths.

This British horror comedy has one flaw but unfortunately, it’s a fatal one; it’s not particularly funny. Danny Dyer has a smattering of mildly amusing lines but otherwise it’s just a gory slasher flick and as such is pretty much plot-devoid with has little in the way of character development. If anything, the horror side of things is a little too successful. The effects are very good but the effect is that it’s a bit too gruesome to be funny because it errs on the side of the grotesque over the amusing. Evil Dead 2 and Ichi The Killer were funny because they were so absurdly over the top and Shaun Of The Dead had a script with wit. Severance is a halfway house that can’t quite make up its mind what it’s meant to be.

Well executed, but ultimately just not funny enough to be successful as a comedy and too lacking in plot to be successful as a thriller.



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