Seven Psychopaths (2012)


A boozy screen writer, his best friend and a professional dognapper become the targets of a ruthless mobster when they unknowingly steal his shih tzu.

The follow up to the brilliantly oddball In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths is clearly aiming more for the American mainstream, being very much in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino mould. It does have the same post-modern slant and zany humour of Martin McDonagh’s previous collaboration with Colin Farrell, who once again strikes up a winning partnership with his co-star – this time Sam Rockwell as the unhinged movie junkie desperate to re-enact his own revenge fantasy. As a whole it reminded me of Tarantino’s early work with lots of Grindhouse style asides as they spew forth their ridiculous script ideas so it’s not as original as In Bruges, but it’s consistently entertaining and very funny.

If you can imagine a version of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang parodying Pulp Fiction instead of Film Noir you’re in the right ball park.



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