Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)


A wannabe rock star slacker living in Toronto meets the woman of his dreams but finds he has to defeat her 7 evil ex’s to win her heart.

To a video game playing comic book nerd with a love of ironic humour such as myself, Scott Pilgrim – on paper at least – seems like the perfect movie. Essentially Chasing Amy dressed up with Matrix style visuals, it’s a comedy that actually fails to deliver much in the way of laughs. The U.S. sitcom characters were all rather unlikeable and annoying – Michael Cera in particular really needs to start turning the record over – and it’s trying so hard to be self-consciously cool that it’s nearly giving itself an aneurysm. The plot is also next to non-existent, the big “growing as a person” revelation is Cera admitting that cheating on his ex and dumping her was a bit of a douchey thing to do (no shit) and really it’s just like watching an “ironic” Mortal Kombat with fancy window dressing. The sugar frosted visuals themselves are also a bit like eating a triple chocolate, chocolate chip cookie; delicious at first, but after a while you realise your teeth are hurting and you feel a little bit sick.

It’s the kind of idea that would’ve been great as a half hour skit on Spaced, but drawn out to nearly two hours it just wore on my nerves. Kick Ass kicks its ass, basically.



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