Save The Green Planet! (2005)


A disgruntled ex-factory worker kidnaps the C.E.O. of his former employer, convinced that he is an evil alien out to destroy the world in one week’s time. But then again, he could just be a delusional lunatic.

This complete fruit loop of a film is unlike anything else you are likely to see. For most of the film it’s like a semi-comic version of Misery as Byung-gu sadistically tortures the man while a similarly oddball cop who’s been demoted to kitchen duty tries to track him down. Then as a ploy to escape, his victim concocts a Usual Suspects style history of the planet consisting of every pop culture sci-fi story combined with history, myth and religion. And then it just gets weird! Starting off as a cross between Seven and Misery and ending up like The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, this has got to be one of the best sci-fi-comedy-horror-serial killer movies I’ve yet seen!

Totally hatstand.



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