Robocop 3 (1993)


Cyborg Alex Murphy returns to join a civil resistance group when OCP set about forcibly relocating the poorest residents of Detroit in order to build their vanity project, Delta City.

The first sequel to the bleak dystopian sci fi satire Robocop received mixed reviews, mainly because the juvenile tone compromised a script that actually contained some nice ideas parodying corporate culture. Unfortunately Robocop 3 gutted the character of the black humour, wit and satire – basically all of the elements that made the original so good – completely, leaving the carcass of a piss-weak comic strip in its place. The direction is laughably amateurish – some of the reaction shots are unintentionally hilarious – the dialogue is appalling, action sequences clumsy and tame, and the character has essentially been turned into a glorified action figure, complete with interchangeable parts.

There is some kind of justice in the fact that writer/director Fred Dekker never made another film; Robocop 2 may have been a flawed cash in, but Robocop 3 is an absolute travesty.



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