Evolution (2001)


A meteorite crashes in the Arizona desert where two high school science teachers find an alien life form that is reproducing and evolving at an exponential rate.

With Ivan Reitman at the helm and a familiar recipe of comedy and special effects, Evolution is clearly an attempt to be “Alienbusters”. This is an idea that clearly has potential but the script – which is full of throwaway jokes that often come across as sexist, juvenile or just inane – is the main culprit as to why it fails to hit the mark. David Duchovny is easily the best thing about Evolution and his easygoing charisma carries the entire film, but Julianne Moore struggles as the condescendingly underwritten love interest and Seann William Scott is as irritating as always; in fact his presence is an indication as to just how far down the road of dumbed down frat boy humour the film sometimes goes.

Evolution is not unwatchable, but both Ghostbusters and Men In Black do something very similar and do it far, far better.



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