Robocop (2014)


A detective who suffered horrific injuries from an attempt on his life is transformed into a cyborg by a multinational corporation intent on introducing robotic weaponry into the police force.

The original Robocop was seminal science fiction laced with social commentary and served up with a wide streak of black humour, and true to form this pointless remake takes the body of the original story and eviscerates it in order to replace everything that made it good with soulless, generic, computer generated production line mediocrity. The dark humour that was the essence of the original film is all but gone with only Samuel L. Jackson’s media propagandist – who is but a stepping stone away from the denizens of the real Fox News – making any attempt at providing the incisive wit of the idea. The initial scenes involving drone peacekeepers are actually quite promising but it soon becomes obvious that this clunky remake prefers cliche, emotional manipulation and imagination-deficient action to any attempt at intelligence or satire.

As a result, Robocop 2014 resembles nothing more than a cross between a TV series pilot episode and a video game which is not even as good as the original’s disappointing sequel.



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