Robin Hood (2010)


An English archer returned from the crusades adopts the identity of a fallen nobleman and becomes embroiled in the prevention of a civil war in order to unite against a French invasion.

Little did I know that Robin Hood was not in fact a fictional highwayman who lived in Sherwood forest, but actually the inventor of the Magna Carta who singlehandedly repelled a French invasion. I feel positively educated. It’s a shame the script of Robin Hood degenerated into theme park absurdity because for the first half of the film it struck just the right balance of plausibility and adventure; of course it takes Braveheart style liberties with history but it stayed just the right side of willing suspension and the likeable performances and gritty action sequences make for rousing medieval adventure. Unfortunately, as the plot gets more and more preposterous it overshadows everything that’s good about the film. It’s still very well made and is certainly a far better interpretation of the legend than has been attempted for decades, but it falls well short of delivering on its early promise.

Not bad, but this modern reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend could have – and should have – been so much better.



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