The Warrior And The Wolf (2009)


A conscript and his fellow soldiers engaged in a protracted battle for a mountain pass shelter from the coming snow in a village belonging to a “cursed” tribe, where he encounters a beautiful widow.
The Warrior And The Wolf clearly has pretensions to being of the Ang Lee/Zhang Yimou school of art house martial arts movies, and makes good use of some beautiful locations, fine costume design and attractive cinematography. All of these good qualities are undermined by the glaring flaw in its narrative however; namely that our “hero” is a rapist. When he encounters the lady in question, he forces himself upon her on a nightly basis and yet we are to believe that she falls in love with him. After all, what woman would not have her heart melted by a series of violent sexual assaults…? Even if you were able to swallow this blatantly misogynist premise, what follows is some hokey nonsense involving their transforming into wolves that makes little sense.
On a technical level The Warrior And The Wolf has its merits, but the shockingly misjudged plot outweighs them all.



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