Road To Zanzibar (1941)


Hope and Crosby continue their travels across “The Dark Continent” as a pair of con men who meet their match in the form of hustlers Dorothy Lamour and Joan Marsh.

Road To Zanzibar was the second of the franchise and this is where the formula was set with far more of the duo’s fast-talking bickering and less of the musical interludes. Bob Hope is now the willing victim of Bing Crosby’s hair-brained money making schemes and the pair have evolved into the immoral, back stabbing cowards we know and love. Dorothy Lamour is far feistier as a rival con artist, rather than the doe-eyed innocent of the first film and Joan Marsh is a welcome addition to the team. The script is little more than a string of excuses for various skits and slapstick set pieces but the laughs flow much more freely than in the first film.

Dated – especially the painfully politically incorrect opening titles – but still funny.




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