Road To Singapore (1940)


Seafaring buddies Bob Hope and Bing Crosby dodge marriage vows and set up house together on a remote island paradise, until beautiful gypsy girl Dorothy Lamour appears to upset their domestic bliss.

This is one of those old style Hollywood films that seems hilariously naive by today’s standards. This was the first of their collaborations and so the formula hasn’t quite found its feet; Hope is more of a sidekick to main man Crosby – even appearing below Dorothy Lamour on the credits – and so the screwball banter of their later outings is sorely missing. In fact there are far more songs than jokes so it can be seen more as a romantic musical than a straight comedy.

There’s not much in the way of plot either, but if you’re in the mood for old school, undemanding fluff decorated with some 1940’s Hollywood glamour – including some lovely costumes by Edith Head – and a few chuckles, this adequately fits the bill.



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