Revolver (2007)


A gambler is released after spending seven years in prison and sets about taking his revenge on those responsible for his incarceration.

Revolver was absolutely trashed by the critics upon its release and I must admit, I can understand why. The direction is somewhat pretentious and there is a distinct lack of originality; the template for the plot is clearly The Usual Suspects executed in the style of Fight Club. The rather irrelevant animated segment is clearly pilfered from – and inferior to – Kill Bill’s and the shoot out involving Mark Strong’s hit man who approaches his work with the clinical efficiency of a German tax inspector is very reminiscent of Leon. But I’d also have to say that I thought that particular sequence was really enjoyable, which is an indicator as to why I am so ambivalent about the film as a whole. Watched as a series of great scenes instead of a coherent whole Revolver could be a quite an enjoyable experience, because it’s actually rather beautifully shot and performed. Which makes it such a crying shame that the the plot is absolute gibberish.

Revolver is very much a Marmite film that you’re likely to either love or loathe.



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