Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)


Part three of the video game inspired franchise reunites super-babe Milla Jovovich with a rag tag collection of survivors from the last film in a post-apocalyptic Earth decimated by the T-virus.

It’s the turn of Mad Max 2 and Day Of The Dead to “inspire” Paul Anderson’s franchise which provides the expected combination of ass-kicking heroines and zombie-splattering gore. Also as expected, the effects are decent and the production design nice but the script was most definitely low on the list of priorities. The dialogue can best be described as minimal and characterisation next to zero; it’s a good job the set pieces are so efficiently directed because there’s so little else to it. Once again the ending felt more like yet another excuse for a sequel rather than a genuine conclusion and the villain was an overacted cliche as a human being and just a bit crap as a monster. But if you enjoyed the previous films you’ll probably enjoy this because it’s more of the same eye-pleasingly vacuous popcorn fodder that’s inoffensive yet instantly forgotten.

Yet another deeply average instalment in a deeply average series.



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