Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)


The Hive is reopened and contaminates the whole of Raccoon City, leaving Alice and a group of survivors to fight their way to freedom while pursued by Umbrella’s most formidable bio-weapon yet.

The flaws in the sequel to the lacklustre Resident Evil are obvious. There is not one original idea on display here; it rips off not only every zombie film ever made, but also Alien Resurrection, The Matrix, The Terminator and even Scanners. The director also clearly has no idea how to pace a story; there is no build up, no suspense and precious little context for the characters or their motives – this is particularly true of the Nemesis, a potentially interesting villain that is completely wasted here. But the most glaring of all is in the fact that the finale of the film is absolutely nonsensical – it literally feels as if there is a piece of the film missing. Worse, it feels suspiciously like a feeble excuse to tack on yet another sequel. In the plus column, you get to see beautiful women kick zombie ass in some impressively staged set pieces, but that’s pretty much it.

If that’s enough for you – and call me shallow, but for the first hour I was actually enjoying it – then Resident Evil: Apocalypse may be worth a try. But be prepared for an unforgivably disappointing climax.



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