Requiem For A Dream (2000)


Jared Leto stars as a junkie looking for a way onto easy street for himself, his bored upper class girlfriend Jennifer Connelly and partner in crime Marlon Wyans.

It would be easy to dismiss Requiem For A Dream as a simplistic “drugs are bad” fable, but if you watch it with unbiased eyes it actually is not preachy at all. It is a beautifully shot, visually inventive and extremely well acted tale documenting the modern world’s obsession with the quick fix; every character in their own way is dealing with their empty, meaningless lives by avoiding dealing with them with the use of various addictions; whether it be heroin, chocolate or television which inevitably leads to an unending spiral of degradation. After all, if you spend all of your time avoiding your problems, when they finally catch up with you they will inevitably be infinitely worse. It’s a harrowing, grimly affecting yet hypnotic film that you can feel gnawing at you in the pit of your stomach.

Requiem For A Dream is cinema as an art form and the best film David Lynch never made.



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