Reindeer Games (2000)


Ben Affleck stars as a car thief who steals the identity of his prison cellmate to woo their pen pal; unfortunately he doesn’t count on her psychotic brother who is intent on his participating in an armed robbery.

This likably daft heist movie takes a lot of its cues from Film Noir and transplants them into a post-Tarantino action film. Affleck is hardly the most charismatic leading man but with Charlize Theron and Gary Sinise’s amusing psychopath in the mix, there are plenty of character dynamics to make up for his shortcomings. It’s briskly paced, has just the right combination of action and twists and turns to keep you interested and is tongue in cheek enough to make up for the numerous plot holes.

The corny “happy holidays” epilogue aside, Reindeer Games is a reasonably fun slice of trashy nonsense that doesn’t take itself too seriously.



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