Reign Of Fire (2002)


In a world razed to the ground by a plague of dragon-like creatures, a motley crew of survivors decide to strike back and hunt down the sole male of the species.

The whole premise of this film is of course absolutely ridiculous, but this B-movie creature feature was given the A-list treatment and what emerges is a reasonably entertaining monster mash. Some great effects and a good eye from Rob Bowman who uses the darkness, flickering flames and cinders to great atmospheric effect make for a very nice looking film, all set in some nice Gothic landscapes of desolate wastelands, castles and destroyed cities. A quality cast also certainly helps, with a typically intense Christian Bale aided by Matthew McConaughey who is actually quite amusing as the shaven-headed, bare-chested ball of testosterone who rides into town straddled across his enormous phallus – “There’s only one thing worse than dragons. Americans.”! It also has a couple of well handled action sequences, but at the same time it never quite recovers from the fact that the idea it’s all built upon is so damn silly.

Reign Of Fire would have benefited enormously from a sense of humour, but as a whole it’s a Road Warrior/Jaws hybrid that’s pretty entertaining if you can make it past the undeniably ludicrous concept.



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