Red Lights (2012)


A pair of paranormal investigators who specialise in debunking self-proclaimed clairvoyants go head to head with a renowned psychic who comes out of retirement.

Rodrigo Cortes’ supernaturally themed thriller has many of the hallmarks of the projects of the likes of M. Night Shyamalan in that it’s nicely shot, directed with some panache and has managed to attract some big names to the cast. Unfortunately it has also inherited their hokeyness and reliance on telegraphed twists that are all to obvious to anyone with any cinematic literacy. Red Lights does have its moments thanks to the superior cast and the cinematography which is attractive and atmospheric, but as always seems to be the case with the genre the initial intrigue is far more entertaining than the pay off. In the end it feels over-long and anticlimactic despite a potentially interesting final twist in the tale and more like a decent episode of The X-Files than a big budget movie.

Christopher Nolan has made a career of doing this type of thing, and doing it much, much better.


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