Hitman (1998)


A would-be gangster whose soft heart makes him a failure as a hired killer tries to make his fortune by tracking down the “Angel Of Death”, a notorious vigilante with a million dollar bounty on his head.

Jet Li stars in this irreverent action thriller that has more in common with Jackie Chan than John Woo. In fact it almost descends into self-parody in places, directly referencing both The Killer and Leon with visual gags. The knockabout comedy aspect makes it impossible to take seriously, although the action sequences are reasonably well handled and Li displays his trademark athleticism. The supporting cast includes some very familiar faces, including Eric Tsang from The Infernal Affairs trilogy and Simon Yam of Triad Election, but Hitman is a much broader and far sillier affair than those projects.

Hardly a classic of the genre, but it has its moments and is quite refreshing in its old school, chop socky approach.



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