The Reaping (2007)


A scientist who specialises in debunking religious miracles is called in when a sleepy bayou town seems to be undergoing a Biblical plague.

The Omen meets The X-Files in this supernatural chiller based firmly in the old school. It fulfils the usual expectations of the genre including tragic back story as to how Hilary Swank “lost her faith”, a sidekick who is a believer, portentous dreams and religious imagery and it all works reasonably well. It is very like one of the religious mythology based X-Files stories, but a good one. The imagery is occasionally very effective, particularly the river of blood and swarm of locusts and it makes for an entertainingly offbeat thriller.

Of course it’s all very hokey and it’s irritating that the basis of this kind of thing is always the fact that The Bible was right and you should disbelieve at your peril, but if you enjoyed Constantine or The Gift, you’ll probably enjoy The Reaping as well.



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