Push (2009)


Push is set in a world inhabited by people who were the subjects of government experiments that gave them special powers including telekinesis, mind control and the ability to see the future. “Mover” Chris Evans is approached by a young girl who predicts the future through a series of abstract drawings and they set about bringing down the shadowy agency that experiments upon them.

If any of this is any of this sounding familiar, then yes, this is a blatant rip off of popular TV series Heroes with shades of one of my favourite X-Files – which was “coincidentally” entitled Pusher. There are some well executed, inventive Matrix-style action sequences, the stand outs being a gun battle between two floating pistols and a “pusher” who surrounds herself with a cadre of unwilling, puppet-like bodyguards. My main problem with it however was the fact that the characters were solely defined by their powers so they didn’t really involve me on an emotional level; in fact it’s rather difficult to care what happens at any stage of the convoluted yet wholly abstract plot.

Derivative yes, but reasonably well executed and if you liked the X-Men franchise, you’ll probably like this.


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