Punch Drunk Love (2002)


An emotionally repressed salesman woos his sister’s colleague but blackmailers from a phone sex line complicate matters.

I feel like I must begin by pointing out that I hate Adam Sandler’s work. I think he is the least funny man on the planet. I have been duped into watching his films in the past because of the talent associated and my opinion did not change. Here we have a film directed and written by the excellent Paul Thomas Anderson who was responsible for some brilliant films, not least of which the very funny Boogie Nights. The only reason I knew that Punch Drunk Love was supposed to be a comedy is because it was written on the back of the DVD cover. All of the characters in the film were unbelievably annoying and unsympathetic, there are no laughs whatsoever and it’s a tediously boring, charmless chore to sit through. He has in fact managed to go from the insufferably puerile to the insufferably pretentious in one step.

Never again Sandler. Never again.



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