Pulse (2005)


A computer programmer succumbs to depression and suicide after viewing a mysterious website featuring enigmatic figures in morbid situations.

One of the original of the new wave of J Horrors, Pulse actually has a far stronger premise than most; that the spirit world has become vastly overpopulated and started to bleed into the living world. Unfortunately the story barely explores the implications of the idea until the very end, leaving the vast majority of the rest of the film as a bunch of kids staring at pasty faced figures lurking in darkened corners and getting spooked by mysterious phone calls. In other words, it’s exactly the same recipe as every other J Horror out there. It’s quite atmospheric and the audio-visuals are occasionally interesting but by the time it had actually got to the point I didn’t care any more.

Pulse may well be of interest to J Horror aficionados but personally, the entire genre has begun to bore me.