Psycho (1960)


Hitchcock’s classic “comedy” featuring the world’s most famous mother’s boy is one of the most influential films ever made; every serial killer and slasher movie owes something to this, one of the true greats of cinema.

Unfortunately, as the character of Norman Bates is so infamous, this is one of those films I wish I could forget I had ever seen and watch it again with fresh eyes, but it is still fascinating to watch the awkwardly shy and fresh-faced Anthony Perkins knowing how the story plays out, especially during the exchange between he and Janet Leigh in the parlour. The only minor flaw is the fact that the first act is stronger than the second inevitably meaning a slight anti-climax, especially since the final scenes include the psychiatrist’s speech explaining all which is clearly irrelevant in this day and age when the concept of multiple personalities is common knowledge. This is countered however by the brilliantly creepy final shot of “mother”, who wouldn’t even hurt a fly…

One of those films that I still find gripping every time I see it.



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