The Princess Bride (1987)


This charming post-modern fairy tale was adapted by William Goldman from his own novel and it’s his witty script full to the brim with knowing humour and likeable characters that makes it so enjoyable.

Technically, The Princess Bride really isn’t that impressive; the direction from Rob Reiner is flat and lacklustre as he clearly has no idea how to handle action. The score is also appalling; it literally sounds like someone was just making it up as they went on an 1980’s home organ. On the other hand there are so many funny, quotable lines and fun characters it hardly matters. Cary Elwes is as wooden as ever, but it works in this context as he is a virtual parody of a smug swashbuckling hero very much in the vein of Errol Flynn. The fantastic supporting cast is particularly strong, including Peter Falk, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest as the foppish villain, Peter Cook with a hilarious speech impediment and best of all, Mandy Patinkin as a vengeful Spanish swordsman.

Great fun and one of the best films of its type.



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